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Cookie Policy (EU)

As one of the conditions of becoming a member of BH NEWS or using BH NEWS’s services as a visitor (those who are not members but make limited use of’s services), some of your information is received, processed and stored by BH NEWS. BH NEWS protects your privacy within the framework of the following rules.
Some of the information you provide to BH NEWS is mandatory information (such as e-mail, IP information), and some of it is information that you give us or give us access to depending on your preference. BH NEWS may store this information you provide and the content you provide, if any, for as long as it wishes, even if the information and content are deleted by you.
BH NEWS uses your e-mail address and other contact information to make transactions related to your account, to ensure that you are contacted when necessary, and to inform you. BH NEWS may use the information you provide and the content you provide, if any, for its own or others’ advertisements, promotions, notices, announcements. BH NEWS may share your information with the necessary authorities in case you participate in contests or sweepstakes with prizes, and may use it when announcing the results of the contest or sweepstakes. It is also possible for the information to be used by us or shared with third parties provided that it is anonymized. Since BH NEWS membership cannot be hidden, the information that you are a member will be publicly available.
Although BH NEWS takes the utmost care in storing your information, BH NEWS is not responsible for the unauthorized access to the system containing your data stored by BH NEWS, in case your information is obtained, changed or deleted by disrupting or changing the functioning of the system. Each time you visit the site, your IP address, operating system, the browser you use (chrome, explorer, etc.), connection time and duration information and similar information are automatically recorded, and it is possible for BH NEWS to use this information obtained without your consent by associating it with your personal information or anonymously, provided that it is not shared with third parties.
In case of a proper request from the official authorities, your information will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.
While you are on the site, cookies, also called “cookies”, or javascript codes or similar tracking data for the purpose of analyzing site usage data may be placed on your computer. Cookies consist of simple text files and do not contain identity and other private information, although they do not contain such personal information, session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize you again.
BH NEWS may, from time to time, include information and links to third party websites on its website, promotional mailings or advertisements. When you enter other websites by clicking on these links, we are not under the control of these sites or the applications of these sites, and this privacy policy does not apply to these other sites you can access.
This agreement may be revised and updated without any prior notice to you as new features are added to the site or new suggestions from our users. Therefore, we recommend that you review the privacy policy each time you visit BH NEWS.


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