Alien Worlds Engages Players in Metaverse

Alien Worlds (TML) is a decentralized metaverse game that immerses players in a dynamic virtual environment where they can mine with NFTs. Participants can take part in the game’s governance through DAOs, influencing its trajectory while engaging in economic activities using the Trilium (TLM) cryptocurrency. Alien Worlds provides an engaging and strategic gameplay experience, combining resource management and community interaction.

What is Alien Worlds (TLM)?

Alien Worlds stands out as an engaging decentralized metaverse game, inviting players to explore a vibrant virtual universe. Utilizing blockchain technology, it allows users to traverse different planets and carry out mining activities with NFTs. These NFTs act as valuable assets, enhancing gameplay and unlocking new opportunities within the metaverse. Access NEWSLINKER to get the latest technology news.

A notable feature of Alien Worlds is its use of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). These DAOs empower players to participate in community governance, affecting the game’s development and direction. This democratic system ensures that the community has a substantial role in shaping their virtual surroundings, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement.

How to Buy Alien Worlds (TLM) with TRY?

Binance TR offers the most convenient platform for Turkish investors to purchase Alien Worlds (TLM). To buy TLM with Turkish Lira (TRY), users need to create an account on Binance TR and follow the necessary steps for account verification and TL deposits. Once the account is set up and funded, users can proceed to buy TLM through the trading pairs available on the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Alien Worlds offers a unique metaverse gaming experience with NFTs and DAOs.
  • Community governance through DAOs enhances player involvement and decision-making.
  • Owning virtual land in the game opens doors for strategic planning and resource management.
  • Trilium (TLM) serves as the main cryptocurrency, vital for in-game activities and trading.
  • Binance TR facilitates the purchase of TLM for Turkish investors with ease and security.


Alien Worlds seamlessly combines exploration, strategic gameplay, and community interaction, creating a rich and engaging virtual experience. The game empowers players through decentralized governance and offers various economic activities with its native currency, Trilium (TLM). For Turkish players, Binance TR presents a straightforward and secure way to acquire TLM, making participation in this thriving metaverse more accessible.

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