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An Overview of dForce (DF): A Decentralized Finance Application

dForce (DF) is a decentralized finance application that consolidates various asset and liquidity protocols. Within this application are different asset protocols such as USDx, GOLDx, dToken, and liquidity protocols like dForce Trade. The soon-to-be-released dForce Lending will form the credit network within the platform. dForce Coin is seen as the cryptocurrency of this entire ecosystem.

Among the founders of the dForce project are executives from various companies and banks such as Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, Hony Capital, and CMBI. The platform’s USDx is positioned as the first decentralized interest-paying stablecoin backed by fiat. USDx users can earn money in a decentralized manner simply by depositing USDx.

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As implied by its name, GOLDx offers the same functionalities to gold investors. It utilizes the PAXG token, and its value is symbolically adopted.

Yield Market (dToken) is the cryptocurrency of an income harvesting project launched to enable users to earn passive income.

dForce Coin, in addition to being at the center of this ecosystem, will also lay the foundation for the upcoming dForce Trade platform. With this feature, dForce has the potential to rise rapidly. dForce, with its total market value, is ranked 495th, and its unit price is 0.26 dollars.

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