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Anatoly Yakovenko warns against a cold war between Solana and Ethereum

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana, warns about a potential cold war that could arise between Ethereum (ETH) and other blockchains. He emphasizes that negative campaigns against Ethereum and the harmful attitudes towards protocols referred to as “ETH Killers” are damaging to the ecosystem.

According to Yakovenko, creating such a perception about Ethereum is harmful to the ecosystem and leads to the idea of protocols threatening each other’s existence. He highlights that different protocols can coexist seamlessly and that it is normal for effective technologies to clash and compete. He also states that Solana’s success does not mean the demise of Ethereum.

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Yakovenko also expresses a positive view of a technology called “Danksharding.” This technology is an Ethereum rollup scaling method that enables the addition of cheaper blocks to the blockchain. Yakovenko predicts that Danksharding technology will have sufficient bandwidth in the future to accommodate all of Solana’s data.

Yakovenko’s comments about Ethereum, stating that Solana and the largest altcoin can coexist and even interact with each other, have drawn attention in the crypto world.

Despite the increasing interest in Solana, Yakovenko warns the community members about the unhealthy competition with the Ethereum protocol, referring to the MakerDAO issue. After Rune Christensen, the founder and CEO of MakerDAO, announced plans to fork the protocol to the Solana Blockchain, he received positive reactions from Solana supporters who claimed that it would be the best move.

Yakovenko hopes that this is generally a win-win situation and that individuals in the Solana community will not use it as a weapon against Ethereum. A user named jebus.eth from the Ethereum community made a negative post about Solana, and Yakovenko quickly responded, emphasizing that Solana aims to create a completely decentralized digital space and provide free flow of communication and transactions without the control of capitalist intermediaries and government regulations.

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