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Bastion Appoints Caroline Friedman as Chief Operating Officer

In the ever-changing world of the cryptocurrency market, Web3 startup Bastion has announced the appointment of Caroline Friedman as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Friedman transitioned into this role from her previous position as Operations Manager at the company.

As COO, Friedman will oversee Bastion’s compliance processes, regulatory issues, employee plans, public policies, and financial operations. She emphasized the priority of focusing on Bastion’s regulatory and compliance framework, as well as building a strong operational foundation to support the company’s growth.

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Friedman expressed her determination to work closely with regulators and customers to ensure businesses can interact securely and effectively with Web3 technologies. She also highlighted the goal of expanding the customer base and creating a team that aligns with Bastion’s vision of supporting innovation.

Prior to joining Bastion, Friedman served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for Major Crimes and National Security and International Crimes. She was also a founding member of a16z and Kraken. Nassim Eddequiouaq, co-founder of Bastion, spoke positively about Friedman’s new role, stating her critical role in the company’s success and his confidence in her ability to take the company further with her new mission.

Bastion’s appointment of Caroline Friedman as COO aims to solidify its position in the cryptocurrency sector with a focus on regulatory compliance and growth, as well as prioritizing company culture and team expansion.

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