Binance Forges Ahead with New CEO and Announces 40th Launchpool Project - Latest cryptocurrency news

Binance Forges Ahead with New CEO and Announces 40th Launchpool Project

Following a challenging month, the leader of cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is forging ahead at full speed with its new CEO. Binance Launchpool’s 40th project has been announced. Supported by Binance, these new altcoins may witness significant growth in the upcoming bull season.

Binance has announced Fusionist (ACE), the 40th project of Binance Launchpool. ACE is the native token of Endurance, a decentralized gaming/social blockchain, which will host the web3 AAA game Fusionist. Therefore, the focus is once again on Web3 and decentralized structures.

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Binance, being the largest centralized exchange, strongly supports decentralized initiatives and believes that these structures will capture large market shares in the future. Through Binance Labs, numerous investments have been made in this area.

Starting from 00:00 UTC on December 13th, users will be able to stake BNB or FDUSD for a duration of 5 days to earn ACE Coin. As you know, starting from Friday, BUSD will no longer be on the exchange, and alternatives like FDUSD will be used instead.

7% of the token supply will be given to those who stake, with a maximum supply set at 147 million. At the time of listing, 14.95% of the supply, or 21,969,520 tokens, will be in circulation.

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