Binance Launches BRC-20 Sats (1000SATS) in Tribute to Bitcoin's Creator, Satoshi - Latest cryptocurrency news

Binance Launches BRC-20 Sats (1000SATS) in Tribute to Bitcoin’s Creator, Satoshi

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, added a new altcoin named BRC-20 Sats (1000SATS) to its listing to honor the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. 1000SATS will be listed on Binance with various trading pairs in USDT, FDUSD, and TRY.

Users can initiate deposit transactions to prepare for trading 1000SATS. Withdrawal operations will begin on December 13. Binance will also add 1000SATS as a borrowable asset for leveraged transactions with certain trading pairs for 48 hours.

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Following the announcement that 1000SATS was listed, the price of the altcoin increased by more than 70%. Trading at a level of $0.0000002510 before the announcement, the altcoin surged 74.28% to $0.0000003548.

1000SATS is a BRC-20 token created in reference to Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. SATS is an abbreviation for Satoshi, and one SATS is worth 0.00000001 BTC. 1000SATS equals 1000 times one SATS.

1000SATS is a memetoken and its code was written by an anonymous team.

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