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Binance to Resume Withdrawal Services for 12 Delisted Altcoins

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will resume withdrawal services for 12 altcoins that were previously delisted from the exchange due to user demand. Among these altcoins are Aion (AION), Beam (BEAM), and Bitcoin Diamond (BCD).

Withdrawal operations for the 12 delisted altcoins will begin on December 5th at 03:00 local time and will continue until December 26th at 02:59. After the specified end date and time, there will be no withdrawal support for these altcoins.

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Binance has also announced the conversion to USDT for seven altcoins: BEAM, BCD, GO, NEBL, NAS, NSBT, and SGB. This conversion process will be based on the assets in users’ Binance wallets and will start at 03:00 on December 26th and complete at 02:59.

The conversion to USDT for the altcoins will be periodically conducted based on the average prices between December 26th and June 26th, 2024, from 02:59 to 02:59 local time.

No USDT conversion will be made for AION, NXS, VIA, SKY, and YOYO. After 02:59 on December 26th, there will be no withdrawal services or conversion operations for these altcoins.

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