BingX Joins Chelsea as Kit Partner

BingX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Chelsea Football Club. From the 2024/25 Premier League season, BingX will transition from being Chelsea’s Sleeve Partner to the Official Training Kit Partner for the men’s team. This enhanced collaboration marks a significant step in the visibility and engagement between BingX and the global sports community.

How Did BingX Announce This Step?

To mark this milestone, BingX staged an event at Stamford Bridge where drones delivered the new training kits, symbolizing the innovative nature of the cryptocurrency world. This event underscores BingX’s strategic move to integrate its brand more prominently into the sports arena. The BingX logo will now be featured on the front of all training kits worn by players and technical staff during Chelsea’s training sessions. Access NEWSLINKER to get the latest technology news.

What Benefits Will Fans and Users Get?

This partnership is poised to offer numerous exclusive benefits to both BingX users and Chelsea fans. These benefits include match day tickets, VIP experiences, and co-branded merchandise, enhancing the overall fan experience. The collaboration aims to merge the pursuit of excellence in both sports and cryptocurrency trading, providing unique opportunities for engagement.

Concrete Inferences and Benefits

  • Increased brand visibility for BingX in the global sports community.
  • Exclusive access to Chelsea FC perks for BingX users.
  • Engaging activities such as trading competitions with daily rewards.
  • Potential growth in user base due to enhanced brand association with a major football club.

Forward-Looking Statements from BingX

Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer of BingX, expressed excitement about the partnership’s elevation, noting it as a testament to their shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Lin highlighted the unique experiences and opportunities that this collaboration would bring to BingX users and fans, aiming to foster a smarter and bolder future in both cryptocurrency and sports.

Earlier this year, BingX had already made strides in expanding its global reach by partnering with Chelsea as the official Sleeve Partner, setting the stage for this deeper collaboration.

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