Bitcoin Analyst Revises Price Target

Bitcoin’s price stands at $61,600 as altcoins see widespread declines. The recent downturn from the $72,000 mark has led many altcoin investors to increase their sell-offs. A well-known cryptocurrency analyst has updated their Bitcoin price target in light of these developments. What specifics are included in this new assessment? Why was there a need to revise the price prediction?

Why Did the Analyst Adjust Their Prediction?

The year began optimistically for 2024, but the situation became more complicated in the second quarter. Investors aiming for higher BTC peaks have been stuck in a broad range, unable to surpass the all-time high of $73,777. BitQuant, a popular crypto analyst, had previously set a $95,000 target for BTC but has recently revised this forecast. The analyst now acknowledges that this target might not be achievable in the near term. Access COINTURK FINANCE to get the latest financial and business news.

BitQuant admitted to misjudging Bitcoin’s local peak, initially predicting it to reach $49,000, only for it to stop at $48,955. Similarly, a $75,000 peak forecast for January was missed as BTC never hit that value. Although short-term predictions have proven inaccurate, the analyst maintains that Bitcoin will eventually reach $95,000, as the fundamentals remain unchanged.

What Factors Could Influence Bitcoin’s Movement?

Critical moments are approaching for Bitcoin, with significant candle closures on the horizon. Despite reduced volumes, the three-month candle closure typically brings price volatility. Several major developments are expected in the coming days, ranging from potential ETF listing announcements to crucial U.S. economic data releases on Friday.

Additionally, 13F forms are starting to be uploaded to the SEC, revealing the extent of corporate buying in the second quarter by mid-August. For now, BTC is solidifying its liquidity at $60,000 and below.

Investor Insights

Here are some actionable insights for investors:

  • Monitor Bitcoin’s price action around the $60,000 mark for signs of liquidity strengthening.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming ETF listing announcements and U.S. economic data for potential market impacts.
  • Watch out for 13F form disclosures to gauge corporate interest in BTC.
  • Be cautious of potential selling pressures from MTGOX, German, and U.S. Silkroad BTC holdings in July.


However, looming risks in July, including possible sell-offs from MTGOX and other large BTC holders, have raised concerns among investors. The cryptocurrency market faces a critical decision point, with high volatility expected in July. Altcoin investors, in particular, should brace for significant fluctuations.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their own research.