Catizen Achieves Key Milestones

Catizen has successfully advanced to its third phase, marking a pivotal moment in its development journey. The initial phases laid a robust groundwork for the platform, with the Catizen Mini Game and Catizen Launchpool standing out as critical milestones that have propelled the gaming platform into the spotlight.

What Do the Statistics Reveal?

Recent statistics over the past three months underscore Catizen’s substantial success. The platform boasts 23 million in-game players, 3.46 million daily active users, and 1.31 million on-chain users with 14.2 million transactions. Additionally, the participation of 171,357 users in the Catizen Launchpool highlights the strong community backing. Access NEWSLINKER to get the latest technology news.

Achieving the top rank in the Ton Open League for three consecutive seasons has brought further recognition to Catizen. The platform has also received 7,546 feedback submissions and garnered 11,032 touching stories about player-cat interactions, reflecting its active engagement with the user base. Demonstrating its commitment to community values, Catizen has pledged to donate 1% of its revenue to charities supporting street cats.

What Comes Next for Catizen?

Looking to the future, Catizen is set to launch its Gaming Platform in July as part of its third phase. This expansion will include over 200 mini-games, transforming Catizen into a comprehensive gaming hub aiming to attract over 100 million players. A noteworthy addition will be a game engine for Telegram Mini Applications, along with an SDK deployment process to ease access for H5 game developers.

Inferences from Milestones

  • Catizen’s expansion signifies substantial user growth and engagement.
  • The platform’s community support is pivotal for its success and future projects.
  • The upcoming gaming platform launch will diversify Catizen’s offerings and user base.
  • Charitable initiatives reflect Catizen’s commitment to social responsibility.

As Catizen looks to broaden its ecosystem, it also plans to open its Launchpool to additional projects and foster collaboration within the Blockchain community. The upcoming airdrop in July aims to provide new opportunities for participants, bolstering Catizen’s mission to make a positive global impact.

With increasing interest in Telegram-based games within the cryptocurrency sector, this trend could potentially lead to significant price hikes for the cryptocurrency TON in the near future.

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