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Elon Musk’s Controversial Statements about Twitter and the Control of Billionaires

Elon Musk, known as the biggest supporter of Dogecoin and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, sparked a debate with his statements at the DealBook Summit organized by The New York Times. After acquiring Twitter with a billion-dollar deal, Musk claimed that the platform was “controlled” by the US government. Musk argued that this situation was contrary to the US Constitution and the First Amendment.

Jesse Powell, the former CEO of Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, supported Musk’s control over Twitter. Powell stated that Twitter demonstrated a strong stance against the idea of “billionaires not existing” and emphasized the importance of protecting at least a $44 billion individual.

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Other members of the crypto community also defended Musk. While some appreciated Musk’s role in “protecting freedoms,” others highlighted the necessity of preventing the concentration of power among individuals and organizations.

Musk also addressed the challenges of advertising campaigns on Twitter. Major companies such as Apple, IBM, and Disney decided to halt their marketing campaigns, alleging that the platform was indifferent to past posts. Musk strongly criticized Disney CEO Bob Iger and expressed concerns about the company’s declining user base.

In addition to Disney, another wave of support emerged from Musk’s followers. Despite his critical approach and claims about freedoms, his followers showed their support and stood by him.

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