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Exciting Developments for the XRP Community with the Upcoming Release of Xumm 2.6

An exciting development was shared by XRPL developer Wietse Wind for the XRP community. It was announced that Xumm 2.6 will be released soon. This development is seen as a significant step for the XRP ecosystem and signals are given that it will contain good news aimed at improving the user experience.

The release candidate of Xumm 2.6 has been sent to Apple for review. This is a sign that the eagerly awaited update is on its way. Xumm fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of new features and improvements that will enhance the user experience.

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An XRPL supporter named Krippenreiter believes that Xumm 2.6 could offer significant functions by connecting to Xahau through the XUMM app and using the “internal transfer tool”. This anticipated feature could open new avenues for interactions within the XRPL ecosystem.

The rebranding of Xumm to Xaman represents more than just a name change. This change reflects the transformation of Xaman from a laboratory concept to a fully realized force in the XRPL world. The vision of Xaman is to integrate cryptocurrencies into retail sectors.

While the XRP community eagerly anticipates the launch of Xaman 2.6, it is observed that Wind is giving hints that Xaman 2.6 has been completed and has started a poll for the main feature of the upcoming 2.7 version. The collaboration with Tangem to empower users in self-custody is considered an important step within the XRP ecosystem.

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