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iExec RLC: The First Decentralized Cloud Computing Marketplace

iExec RLC is known as the first decentralized marketplace and network focused on cloud computing resources. The team has expressed that blockchain technology is used to create a decentralized environment for buying and selling the processing and computing power of devices.

This platform can be defined as a cloud-based computing and processor resource trading market. The popularity of cloud-based systems continues to rise, and iExec RLC Coin seems to be joining this revolution. So, what role does iExec coin play in the cloud-based computing power platform?

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iExec Coin is known as the asset used by those who want to buy or sell cloud-based computing power. Additionally, users are rewarded with iExec RLC Coin by platform developers. At the core of the platform are the users known as “iExec Workers”.

Users receive RLC token rewards by connecting their devices and contribute their resources. The consensus model of the network is seen as Proof-of-Contribution (PoCo).

It is possible to purchase RLC Coin through Binance in order to participate in this ecosystem and constantly support the usage of RLC Coin.

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