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KuCoin Ventures Announces Partnership with TON Foundation

KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of KuCoin, has announced a significant partnership with TON Foundation. This collaboration marks a milestone for KuCoin Ventures, as it commits to providing substantial funding for the growth and expansion of the TON ecosystem.

The strategic move by KuCoin Ventures aligns with the vision of TON Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the TON ecosystem. This partnership sets the stage for future collaborations that showcase the evolving synergy between exchanges and public chains.

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KuCoin Ventures will primarily focus on providing financial and support access to five TON-based mini-applications, with an emphasis on payments or GameFi. These initiatives aim to redefine possibilities by pushing the boundaries of innovation within Web3.

Ian W. from TON Foundation describes the partnership with KuCoin Ventures as a turning point for mini-application development on The Open Network, highlighting the role of programs like Future3 Campus Bootcamp and the support from KuCoin Ventures in promoting real-world blockchain solutions in the payments and gaming space within the TON ecosystem.

Alicia Kao, CEO of KuCoin, expresses her excitement about the partnership with TON Foundation and her belief in the transformative potential of TON Blockchain. This alliance emphasizes KuCoin’s commitment to contributing to the success of TON and signifies a new synergy between exchanges and the blockchain industry. It is expected that this collaboration will inspire similar initiatives in the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

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