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Oasys Blockchain Project Partners with AltLayer to Enhance Metaverse Development

The game-focused blockchain project Oasys announced its partnership with the zero-knowledge platform AltLayer to facilitate metaverse development within its ecosystem. On December 12th, the Oasys team declared that they will provide developers with a simpler experience to create blockchain-based games and metaverses within the Oasys ecosystem by using AltLayer’s data collection feature.

In February 2022, Oasys launched its network with the play-to-earn (P2E) principle to increase mainstream adoption of blockchain-based games. The founding team includes significant figures from both the Web2 gaming industry and the blockchain gaming sector.

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Oasys director Daiki Moriyama stated that this move is aimed at developers who want to process their games more easily on the blockchain. Moriyama mentioned that small game developers prefer to create a simpler metaverse and integrate their games into it.

The executive also noted that providing a platform where creating a universe on the second layer of Oasys’s two-tier architecture is easy represents a significant development for users, especially as the number of small and medium-sized developers is expected to increase.

Regarding the expected trends in blockchain games for the year 2024, Moriyama highlighted significant developments in the field. He pointed out that the environment in the blockchain-based game industry has definitely improved and that the industry is stronger compared to the previous year. Moriyama mentioned that the entry of various blockchain game-focused marketing enterprises and companies from different sectors into Web3 has contributed to an increase in the Web3 gaming space.

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