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Perlin Coin: The Native Cryptocurrency of PerlinX

Perlin coin is the native cryptocurrency of PerlinX, a decentralized financial interface platform that enables users to swap various assets with each other through incentivized liquidity mining and synthetic asset generation.

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PerlinX, which functions as a liquidity provider through Balancer protocol-supported liquidity pools, allows users to provide liquidity by depositing PERL tokens and receive rewards in return. Initially, PERL, BAL, and UMA tokens are distributed as rewards for providing liquidity.

Perlin (PERL) serves as both a liquidity and collateral asset that users can purchase or create synthetic assets with their PERL coins in order to provide liquidity and earn rewards on the PerlinX platform. The prices of PERL coins were determined based on the project’s stage and technological development between 2017 and 2019 when they were sold in three different rounds.

Perlin platform was established in late 2017 with the aim of bridging traditional markets and economies to the blockchain ecosystem. Collaborating with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Perlin has taken innovative steps in the blockchain field.

PerlinX is considered as the first step in bringing real-world assets to the blockchain through decentralized liquidity pools and synthetic asset generation. PERL liquidity pools utilize the Balancer Protocol, which allows users to receive incentives while providing liquidity to the platform and serves as the interface for creating all synthetic assets.

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