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Philanthropy with Cryptocurrencies: A Major Donation Campaign for Children

Cryptocurrencies were in the spotlight with the latest data being significant and observing a continued decline in US inflation. The US markets started the day on a positive note. The strong employment data coming in on Friday held promise for investors, suggesting that inflation was weakening.

While the housing index continued to rise in November, the gasoline index balanced out with a decline. The energy index showed a 2.3% drop over the month, due to a 6% decrease in gasoline prices. The ongoing decline in oil prices this month is being considered a hopeful situation for inflation.

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The transportation index showed the largest increase last month at 1.1%. It is clear from the chart that the decline in energy prices is pulling down inflation. The approximate 25% drop in Fuel Oil has eased the unbearable burden of inflation for US citizens.

US Treasury Secretary Yellen’s comment on the matter was, “I see no reason why inflation shouldn’t come down to the Fed’s target. There is no reason to think that the final stage will be particularly difficult.”

Tomorrow’s statements from Fed Chairman Powell will be of critical importance. The strong employment data on Friday could balance expectations against inflation. However, the markets have entered an expectation of a cut above 100 basis points for next year. This excessive optimism is something the Fed does not want and diminishes the impact of the policy. Therefore, Powell should make a more cautious statement, focused on negative data compared to the previous meeting.

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