Ripple's XRP Continues to be the Focus of the Cryptocurrency World with Expectations of a Rally - Latest cryptocurrency news

Ripple’s XRP Continues to be the Focus of the Cryptocurrency World with Expectations of a Rally

Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP continues to be the focus of the cryptocurrency world with expectations of a rally following some regulatory clarity in court decisions. There is a widespread expectation that the altcoin, which moves in line with the general market rally, is ready for further gains.

According to cryptocurrency analyst AlanSantana’s TradingView post on December 1st, XRP is expected to potentially experience a rally of up to 120% in the next six months. The analyst’s analysis is based on two possible scenarios that could allow XRP to reach new highs, following the court’s decision in July that the token is not a security.

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If XRP falls to around $0.51, the altcoin is predicted to potentially rally by approximately 85% in the next six months. However, if XRP falls to even lower levels, around $0.43, the altcoin could potentially rally even further and reach up to 120%.

Looking at long-term predictions, AlanSantana suggested that based on past calculations, the long-term potential price of XRP could reach around $5. However, he also warned that predicting future prices becomes complicated during a super cycle and emphasized that XRP has a bright future.

According to the analyst, XRP has growth potential even when Bitcoin (BTC) corrects. On the other hand, although regulatory clarity has been provided regarding the lawsuit against Ripple by the SEC, there is still an uncertainty cloud over XRP. Despite expectations of a significant rally after court approval, an expected rally has not yet occurred. Ripple supporter lawyer Bill Morgan commented on the strange price movements of XRP after regulatory clarity was achieved and claimed that the SEC’s legal battle against Ripple hindered XRP’s momentum with other altcoins.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their own research.
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