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Streamr: Real-Time Data Transmission with Streamr Coin (DATA)

Streamr is an open-source project that focuses on real-time data. Launched in 2017 with funds raised from the community, the Streamr project encompasses a cryptocurrency called Streamr Coin (DATA). The project aims to provide real-time data transmission on a decentralized infrastructure and aims to disrupt centralized messaging applications.

The Streamr Coin project, which aims to establish a global peer-to-peer communication network, is based on cryptography instead of trust. This means that users need to trust the system and blockchain technology, rather than each other.

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DATA, the cryptocurrency of the Streamr project, fulfills its core functions. Users can trade DATA to perform transactions or transfer transactions in messaging networks. Additionally, the platform has a data marketplace that allows users to sell their real-time data in exchange for DATA.

The total market value of DATA Coin is $28 million, with an approximate value of $0.04 per unit. Out of the total supply of 987 million DATA, approximately 693 million are in circulation. The project gained significant attention during the altcoin rally in January 2018.

Binance platform stands out as the most popular option for purchasing DATA Coin. The liquidity and security offered by Binance also influence investors’ preferences.

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