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Syscoin: The Native Token of the Syscoin Platform

Syscoin (SYS) is the native token of the Syscoin Platform, offering secure interaction, token and asset micro-transfers, and compatibility with the Bitcoin core. The platform stands out with its ability to function without the need for any Ethereum standard ERC-20 tokens or third-party liquidity providers.

Syscoin also utilizes a SHA-256 merge-mining proof-of-work algorithm, allowing mining to be done with the energy spent on Bitcoin mining. The Syscoin Platform utilizes a masternode network as a scalable service layer.

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Syscoin (SYS) is the cryptocurrency of the Syscoin platform in the asset and token market. Users can strengthen their ICOs or other projects by conducting transactions on the decentralized Syscoin network through the Z-DAG Protocol. Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) enable the execution of Ethereum operations using the Syscoin bridge.

In addition, Syscoin leverages merged mining with Bitcoin to benefit from Bitcoin’s unique security and robustness. This combines the Proof-of-Work security of Bitcoin with the speed of Syscoin for Syscoin holders. Merged mining provides Syscoin with increased trustworthiness and utilizes the massive hashing power underlying Bitcoin.

The Z-DAG Protocol allows tokens to be sent and received in near real-time. SPTs derive their security from a network capable of handling high traffic demands and offer one of the lowest transaction fees in the blockchain space according to the Syscoin platform.

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