The Exciting December in the Crypto Currency World: Bitcoin and Ethereum Set New Records, Predictions Continue - Latest cryptocurrency news

The Exciting December in the Crypto Currency World: Bitcoin and Ethereum Set New Records, Predictions Continue

The crypto currency world is experiencing an exciting December. Developments are so fast that it is difficult to keep up with what is happening with each crypto currency. Currently, as Bitcoin and Ethereum break 2023 records, emphasis on resistance and support levels is increasing. On the other hand, predictions for Bitcoin continue to come.

Crypto4Every🔹body, known in the crypto currency world, announced the new resistance and support levels on its page after the price increase of BTC. Crypto4Every🔹body stated that Bitcoin’s rise exceeded expectations.

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Bitcoin’s unexpected surge created excitement in the crypto world and raised curiosity about the next levels. According to the analyst, important support and resistance areas are now in front of us. Accordingly, Bitcoin is expected to face a resistance level of $43,100. On the other hand, there is a support point of $39,400.

Confidence in the crypto currency market is increasing in connection with signs of inflation cooling. Among investors, there is also a belief that the Federal Reserve has completed its series of interest rate increases. Against this background, the crypto currency industry eagerly awaits updates on the potential promotion of US spot Bitcoin ETFs offered by major players such as BlackRock.

As of December 1st, Matrixport predicts a bullish path for Bitcoin, with the price expected to rise to $63,140 by April 2024 and $125,000 by December 2024. These predictions add an additional excitement to the current Bitcoin rally and shape a positive narrative for the future of the crypto currency market.

The recent surge of Bitcoin surpassing $41,500 brings new optimism to the crypto world. The next support and resistance levels set for the crypto currency Bitcoin are $39,400 and $43,100 respectively, and the crypto community is preparing for potential price movements.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their own research.
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