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Three Altcoins That Could Outperform Bitcoin if December Brings Positive Sentiment

A leading cryptocurrency showed a high risk appetite on the first day of December, reaching $38,999, indicating the highest level of the year. Altcoins following Bitcoin also turned their direction upwards. If December brings the expected positivity, these 3 altcoins could perform better than BTC.

RNDR has continued its upward movement since June 2022. The rally of this popular cryptocurrency, driven by the increasing excitement around artificial intelligence, gained momentum because the token offers GPU rental services. RNDR Coin reached the level of 11,000 satoshis against BTC in May and saw a breakout above the resistance area of 9,000 satoshis. However, this breakout turned out to be just a deviation.

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With the jump in November, the resistance area was once again breached, and if the rally continues, gains against BTC could reach the 12,500 region. However, closes below the resistance could trigger a return to the 6,000 satoshi area.

SNX Coin experienced a significant breakout from the 1,000-day resistance and deviated from the long-term trend line. Such breakouts in their long-term structures indicate a change in the trend towards an upward direction. Increasing divergence in RSI indicates that the rally could extend. If gains against BTC continue, the 17,000 satoshi resistance could be targeted with a 100% increase.

For THETA Coin, the price has been following a declining resistance trend line for 910 days since June 2021, making several attempts in October. With the support of an increasing divergence in RSI, THETA Coin bulls could break this resistance. If THETA closes above this trend line, it could reach the 7,500 satoshi resistance with a 165% increase against BTC. However, a failure to break or a unsuccessful attempt could lead to a decline of up to 2,000 satoshis.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their own research.
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