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Blockchain Gaming Innovations Continue to Grow with Immutable and Transak Integration

Innovations in the blockchain gaming sector are continuing to grow. Web3 gaming company Immutable is getting ready to integrate Transak as the sole payment service provider for Immutable’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). With this service, users will be able to make direct payments in gaming environments using fiat currencies and Web3-based crypto assets.

The service provided by Transak will be integrated into Immutable Checkout and Immutable Passport. Immutable Checkout offers an integrated transaction infrastructure for Immutable’s games, while providing a configurable interface for game developers to integrate various payment options.

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Transak’s payment service can be conducted through credit and bank card payment methods for fiat currencies, as well as via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Harshit Gangwar, the Marketing President of Transak, stated that the payment platform will enhance in-game transactions for crypto assets.

Michael Powell, the Product Marketing Director at Immutable, announced that Transak’s first integration will be featured in leading Web3 games Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, and Cross The Ages.

Transak has a proven track record as a payment infrastructure provider, preferred by major Web3 wallet platforms such as MetaMask, Ledger, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. The service, which has also been tested in the Web3 gaming field, has begun to be actively used in many areas supported by Animoca Brands. Transak’s payment solutions are being utilized in Animoca’s major games such as Decentraland, Splinterlands, and Revv Racing.

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