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FIFA Announces Limited Edition NFTs Granting 2026 World Cup Final Access

FIFA has announced plans to release a limited number of NFTs this week, which will offer owners the opportunity to watch the 2026 World Cup final. Among the first 100 NFTs to be put on sale will be the rarest collection items that offer the chance to purchase a ticket to the 2026 FIFA World Cup final.

FIFA’s NFT collection was initially located on the Algorand network, but it plans to transition to the Polygon network in the second stage, which is popular among Web3 gaming projects. Furthermore, FIFA’s future NFT collections will also be launched on Polygon.

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When FIFA first announced FIFA+ Collect last year, it was stated that football fans around the world would have the opportunity to own unique NFT pieces at affordable prices. Despite the downturn in the NFT market, this initiative is being carried out due to the FIFA Club World Cup 2023 starting on December 12 in Saudi Arabia.

Although NFT trading volumes have shown signs of recovery recently, they are still well below the levels during the last bull run when pieces from popular collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club were sold for millions of dollars. Nevertheless, major brands continue to pursue opportunities to make money through creating communities and NFT collections.

FIFA also announced that Modex will take over the strategic management of the NFT collection platform, which has already released several football-branded collections. Modex CEO Francesco Abbate expressed his honor in supporting FIFA with NFT collections that enhance fans’ ways of interacting with their favorite players, teams, and games.

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