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Blur NFT Market Distributes $146 Million Worth of Tokens in Massive Airdrop

Popular NFT marketplace Blur has distributed a total of approximately $146 million worth of 300 million BLUR tokens to its users. A NFT investor who shared posts on social media from an anonymous account won approximately $11 million in Blur’s latest airdrop reward distribution.

According to data from Dune Analytics, the wallet tagged hanwe.eth from Ethereum Name Service (ENS) earned the right to claim 22,851,000 BLUR tokens in Blur’s second season airdrop event. CoinGecko shows that this reward amount is worth approximately $11.2 million at the time of writing.

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The second airdrop event is one of the strategies used to encourage NFT investors to use the platform. The Blur team rewards users who purchase, sell, and bid on NFT collections on the platform with a point system at the end of each airdrop event season.

The distributed rewards vary based on users’ activities on the NFT trading platform. In the latest airdrop event, Blur allocated a total of 300 million tokens, worth $146 million, for this event, taking into account the current BLUR price.

Approximately 38,000 addresses claimed their deserved rewards, and the total number of tokens requested reached 267 million. However, many users were dissatisfied with the Blur rewards they received at the end of the second season. NFT whale Jeffrey Hwang made critical comments about Blur after receiving 6 million tokens worth approximately $2.9 million.

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