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Bored Ape Yacht Club Wins Legal Clash with Artists Over NFT Copyright Infringement

In a recent legal confrontation, creators Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen faced a significant setback after a judge ruled in favor of Yuga Labs. Ripps and Cahen were accused of creating and profiting from illicit replicas of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The court’s decision has compelled them to pay a considerable sum for damages and legal expenses totaling around $9 million and to eliminate all copies of the contentious NFTs they held.

Judicial Verdict Favors NFT Originators

The court’s judgment marks a decisive moment in the intellectual property dispute involving the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, as Yuga Labs successfully defended their copyright against unauthorized imitations. Artists Ripps and Cahen, who attempted to capitalize on the BAYC’s established brand by launching their own version, were ordered to relinquish their profits and shoulder the legal costs, adding up to $1.57 million in damages.

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Key Outcomes of the Copyright Infringement Case

Despite their efforts, Ripps and Cahen’s defense and counterclaims fell short, as the judge discarded their arguments against the copyright infringement accusations. Faced with this defeat, they now have to cover a variety of fees and are directed to destroy any RR/BAYC NFTs they own or hand them over to Yuga Labs for disposal. The court also mandated the surrender of all associated social media accounts and the smart contract related to the infringing NFTs.

Furthermore, Cahen, who has a considerable following on a social media platform under the moniker Pauly, has publicly expressed the duo’s intention to challenge the court’s decision in the California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. They maintain their stance and intend to further contest the ruling.

The comprehensive court order includes the destruction of all materials that infringe upon the BAYC brand, including articles, software, and promotional content, emphasizing the severity of the outcome for the artists. This case underscores the legal intricacies surrounding digital assets and the enforcement of copyright in the NFT space.

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